Not many people are satisfied physically and mentally as a whole because of the stress and other tensions they have in their life. Because of the busy work schedule, one is unable to look after his/ her health. The most important things that are avoided by people are regular exercise, proper and balanced diet, lack of physical activities, irregular sleep and many more. All the above activities are must for an individual to lead a healthy and satisfying life and avoid spending their hard earned money on doctors and medications.
To overcome all the stress and tiredness it is very important for an individual to undergo various stress busters like yoga, meditation or regression therapy.

Regression therapy has a holistic view of the mind, body, and spirit having a fundamental in connectedness. The healing process under this process involves reconnection with the main cause of the problem that one is suffering from. It allows you to understand deeply the issues associated with that problem before they affect your physical, mental and spiritual level. These root causes can be:
Trauma experience
– Childhood or parental experience
– Professional instability and many more.

All the different experiences of an individual are treated in an accepting and authentic manner. A person may go undergo various psychotherapies under this process such as hypnosis, gestalt psychology, psychodrama, body therapy, hair loss therapy together with various transpersonal and energy techniques.
The therapist starts this session by putting a trance-like state in you, then with the help of visual images one is supposedly transported to a past life. The person is then able to see images and scenes of a past life (the scenes that may be affecting the person’s present life) played in front of his/ her eyes like a movie. To some, it may appear as a movie whereas, to some, it may appear as flashes. The therapist in this process takes the client through his/ her most important years of the life and finally moves towards the time of the client’s death in the previous life. When the client sees himself/ herself dying, it feels like he/ she is floating towards the sky, and often sees his/ her angels as well.
During this process, most of the people even get the message about the purpose of their previous life and sometimes they even get the purpose and problems in their present life. After this, the therapist brings the person back from the trance state to the normal state. After the regression therapy, a person realizes that the present problems are the result of painful memories from his/ her past life, and he/ she automatically overcomes them.

The scientific and medical world doesn’t believe in this therapy and disagrees with the claim of past life regression therapists. They believe that a client a person gets better because the therapists tell them that he/ she would help them. They also believe that the images seen by the client are just the images that the therapists make them see.
Thus, it’s not scientifically proved but, a person can take help of this therapy if the results are positive.